Kayla Shaggy was born December 15th, 1993 in Shiprock, New Mexico. She has recently graduated from Fort Lewis College in Spring 2017 with a Bachelor's Degree in Art. She is currently working on art and her comic book, "The Sixth World".

Artist Statement

Dreams. Personal experiences. Myths. Monsters. I believe that these subjects contain many emotional and psychological contexts, as well as allegories, fantastical imagery and iconography. Artists like Jillian Tamaki, Francisco Goya, and Pablo Picasso used mark making to create evocative work. I want to convey my intentions and feelings in my artwork as they have. I want viewers to seriously examine and interpret the subjects I explore. In order to convey these subjects and thoughts, I primarily use mark making. Just as my inspirations have done, they would use limited palettes and various techniques to the best of their own abilities. My main goal, however, is to be able to tell stories without telling the viewer what the story is about. Stories have always captivated me and I hope that my art is able to do the same for my audience.


Received $500 Microgrant from Durango Arts Center in Summer 2016.

More details at http://durangoarts.org/2016-microgrants/

"Bloomfield, NM–Kayla is a recent graduate of Fort Lewis College with a degree in Art, with a focus on marks, texture and shading in her evolving work. Her MicroGrant will be used to fund the creation of an independent publication—a zine—about monsters, their various forms and the fears, doubts and personal experiences evoked from them. The zine will be primarily black and white, 20 pages in length with 21 total images represented. The publication will be printed in a quantity of 50 for regional distribution."

Won "Best of Show" for her piece "Hell" at the 41st Annual Juried Competition at the Durango Arts Center in June 2017.

More details at http://durangoarts.org/41st-annual-juried-exhibit/

"The overwhelming use of stippling, or layered individual marks used to create value, form, and texture, in Kayla Shaggy’s "Hell" gives one a sense of what Hell’s supposedly infinite vastness might be like to behold. Every square inch of Shaggy’s composition tells a story of eternal torment. Guilt, violence, retribution, this is a piercing cautionary tale of human frailty." - Peter Hay, Juror


DGO Magazine, July 19th 2017. Interviewer: Patty Templeton

More details at https://dgomag.com/articles/2100

"Kayla Shaggy drew a gianormo, Bosch-inspired, intensely-detailed picture of Hell that took grand prize in the 41st Annual Juried Exhibit at the Durango Arts Center in June. It’s a meticulous depiction of devils, devastation, and distress that DGO quite admires. We have a thing for centipedes that have human hands for legs – no idea how Shaggy knew that." - Patty Templeton

Write on Four Corners May 30th by Radio Station KSJE FM. Interviewer: Traci Halesvass

More details at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysyIlcNA8gA

“I have the pleasure of talking with Kayla Shaggy; a graphic artist, comic book writer and artist extraordinaire.”

Client List

Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado

Maria's Bookstore in Durango, Colorado

Indigenous Comic Con 2017 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tales of Tomorrow in Farmington, New Mexico

Astrozombies in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Durango Arts Center in Durango, Colorado